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I love recording and have done many sessions at some of London's most illustrious studios. I have recorded for Japanese pop stars, English pop stars including Gary Barlow, film houses including Disney's The Little Mermaid and most recently Mog's Christmas. I also have a studio at home and can record very high quality steel pan tracks for you too. My recording area has been fully sound treated and my signal chain consists of either a Beesneez Arabella microphone (similar to a U47) or alternatively a Beesneez Lulu (similar to a KM 54). These go into my mic pre, which is a UAD LA-610 and then into my DAW. With my background in writing & producing music for TV & film, you can be sure of the highest recording quality possible. If you would like me to create recorded parts for you, that is absolutely what I love to do. With my background in classical music, reading music isn't a problem, although I prefer not to sight read. The range of individual steel pans is quite specific and so it is always best to have a dialogue about this, to best work out the optimum approach for each project. If you are interested in hiring me, do contact me via my contact page here.   


Here I am with pan player Rachel Haywood, recording for Disney's The Little Mermaid at Air Studios,

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