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Here is some music for you to play, that shows the range of styles that can be played on the steel pan. Having a party? Take a listen to everybody's party favorite, "Hot Hot Hot". Reggae is not really associated with the steel pan but I play all of Bob Marley's most famous songs. And lots of others too. Here is "One Love". Some people like me playing this at their wedding! And speaking of weddings, you can check out Pachelbel's Canon here. Very popular at weddings, here I am playing with a virtual version of the BBC Symphony Orchestra strings. There's more dancing fun here with "Levitating" by Dua Lipa or for a more Latin feel, try "Despacito". Sipping cocktails? You might like the ever-popular "The Girl from Ipanema". Or for some cool Buena Vista Social Club vibes, here is "Chan Chan". In recent years, I have been asked to play at Bollywood themed parties too and consequently, I have a whole set of the most famous Bollywood theme tunes. Here is the most famous of them all, from the movie Slumdog Millionaire, try "Jai Ho". Everyone loves Christmas, right? Over the years, I have performed at many Christmas functions, including carol concerts. But to jolly things along, who can resist "Jingle Bells", played here with a Caribbean feel. And to bring the tempo down, here is a song made famous by Nat King Cole, "The Christmas Song".

Hopefully, you will see that the steel pan can really cover a wide choice of material. From all of the Caribbean favourites, to pop, reggae, classical and the world of Latin music too!  

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